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112 Available Owner Operators in North Carolina

OriginTruck TypePayDest. #1Dest. #2NamePhone
Greenville, NCV1.30, AL,AR,FL,GA,KY,LA,MS,NC,SC,TN,VA,WV, DEXTER Contact
Asheville, NCHS1.30, AL,AR,CO,FL,GA,IL,IN,IA,KS,KY,LA,MS,MO,NE,NM,OH,OK, Valeriu Mihailicenco Contact
charlotte, NCV1.00, , anas abdel fattah Contact
, NCVR1.55, AZ,CA,NC, Eric Clarke Contact
Rocky Mount, NCF2.25, AL,AK,AZ,AR,CA,CO,CT,DC,DE,FL,GA,HI,ID,IL,IN,IA,KS,K, Dennis Western Contact
Rocky Mount, NCR2.25, AL,AK,AZ,AR,CA,CO,CT,DC,DE,FL,GA,HI,ID,IL,IN,IA,KS,K, Dennis Western Contact
Rocky Mount, NCFD2.25, AL,AK,AZ,AR,CA,CO,CT,DC,DE,FL,GA,HI,ID,IL,IN,IA,KS,K, Dennis Western Contact
Charlotte, NCVF2.00, AL,AR,FL,GA,KY,LA,MS,SC,TN,VA,WV, Dennis Western Contact
, NCR2.20, CT,MA,NH,NJ,NY,RI,VT, Steve Cancerburr Contact
winston-salem, NCHS1.25, DC,FL,GA,KY,MD,NC,PA,SC,TN,VA,WV, stephen may Contact
Winston Salem, NCHS1.60, DC,IN,MD,TN,VA, stephen may Contact
greensboro, NCAC1.20, NC, james r arnder Contact
charotte, NCV.92, GA,NC,SC, chris chapman Contact
charlotte, NCV1.95, , 8814072 Contact
ARCHDALE, NCV1.50, FL,GA,NC,SC,TX, Eddie Cruz Contact
charlotte, NCVR1.50, IL,IN,IA,KS,KY,MI,MN,MO,NE,ND,OH,SD,WI, Tiffany Contact
charlotte, NCVR1.50, AL,AR,CT,DE,FL,GA,IL,IN,IA,KS,LA,ME,MD,MA,MI,MN,MO, Tiffany Contact
monroe, NCF2.50, , Mark Olivarez Contact
Charlotte, NCPO1.5, AL,AR,CT,DC,FL,GA,IL,IN,KY,LA,ME,MD,MA,MI,MS,NH,NJ, Jeremy Jones Contact
raleigh, NCHS1.75, AL,DC,DE,FL,GA,KY,MD,NJ,NY,NC,PA,SC,TN,VA,WV, Tina Contact
Florence, NCR1.99, AZ,FL,NM,TX, Curt Strand Contact
Salisbury, NCR2.50, FL,GA, Rolando buitron Contact
DUNN, NCR2.50, FL, Rolando buitron Contact
tarboro, NCF2.75, AL,AR,FL,GA,KY,LA,MS,NC,SC,TN,VA,WV, Kentrell Pittman Contact
Lumberton, NCFD2.00, AL,FL,GA,NC,SC,VA, Alphonza Hall Contact
Bladenboro, NCDT2.00, GA,NC,SC,VA, Alphonza Hall Contact
LUMBERTON, NCV1.80, AL,FL,GA,NC,SC,VA, Alphonza Hall Contact
Marshville, NCF1.85, AL,AR,IL,LA,MS,MO,OK,TX, Lowell Contact
Charlotte, NCF2.00, IL,IA,MN, Jay Mattier Contact
Raleigh, NCV2.00, , Pierce Enterpise's Contact
raleigh, NCV1.50, , Darius Carpenter Contact
Any, NCF2.00, , Lynn Contact
durham, NCHS1.50, CT,DE,IA,KS,KY,ME,MD,MA,MN,MO,NE,NH,NJ,ND,RI,SD,VT, sam Contact
raleigh, NCV1.50, DC,DE,FL,GA,MD,NJ,NC,PA,SC,VA, deryl pierce Contact
Pinetops, NCHS2.00, NC, Chris Contact
Spring Hope, NCHS2.00, DE,MD,NJ,NC,PA,SC,VA, Juannaka Saunders Contact
Charlotte, NCV2.50, FL,GA,KY,MD,NC,OH,PA,SC,TN,VA,WV, Chris Contact
Charlotte, NCV2.50, AL,AZ,AR,CT,DC,FL,GA,IL,IN,KS,KY,LA,MD,MA,MS,MO,NJ, Dameon Cassidy Contact
caroline, NCVR2.70, , antonio Contact
Spring Hope, NCHS2.00, DC,DE,FL,GA,KY,MD,NC,PA,SC,TN,VA,WV, Juannika Saunders Contact
RALEIGH, NCV1.50, , KEN Contact
Fayetteville, NCR1.99, AR,NM,TX, mark Contact
Winston-Salem, NCV1.30, AL,FL,GA,NC,SC,TN,VA, Kim Contact
Charlotte, NCV2.00, NC, Chris Contact
kernersville, NCFD2.75, , cheryl Contact
Charlotte, NCPO2, GA,NC,SC,TN,VA, ibrahim alnawateer Contact
Charlotte, NCV1.90, CT,DE,ME,MD,MA,NH,NJ,NY,PA,RI,VT, Michael Brock Contact
charlotte, NCPO1.65, AL,AR,FL,GA,KY,LA,MS,NC,SC,TN,VA,WV, Golden Chariot Transportation Contact
Charlotte, NCV1.50, AL,GA,NC,SC,TN, Bad Boy Express Inc Contact
RAEFORD, NCVF2.00, , 1430265600 Contact
RAEFORD, NCVF2.00, , 1430265600 Contact
Greenboro, NCF3.00, SC, Hope Smith Contact
Charlotte, NCHS1.30, , Ari Ali Contact
Wilmington, NCFD3.50, , 8815528 Contact
CHARLOTTE, NCHS1.30, , ari Contact
spruce pine, NCVR3.25, AL,AR,FL,GA,IL,IN,IA,KS,KY,LA,MD,MS,MO,OH,OK,SC,TN, Logan Austin Contact
hendersonville, NCVR2, NC, geoffrey gregg Contact
Charlotte, NCPO1.00, AL,AZ,AR,CT,DE,FL,GA,IL,IN,IA,KS,LA,ME,MD,MA,MI,MN,M, Mike Carson Contact
Asheville, NCPO1.00, AL,AZ,AR,CT,DC,DE,FL,GA,IL,IN,IA,KS,KY,LA,ME,MD,MA,M, Mike Carson Contact
Mount olive, NCV2.5, , Alberto oregon Contact
greesboro, NCVR3.00, , dean Contact
Raleigh, NCR2.50, CT,IL,IN,ME,MA,MN,NH,NY,OH,PA,TX, Sam Contact
Charlotte, NCHS1.55, AL,FL,GA,KY,MD,NC,SC,TN,VA,WV, Angel Contact
Charlotte, NCHS1.60, FL,GA,NC,PA,SC,TN,VA,WV, Angela Porter Contact
Charlotte, NCHS1.25, AL,AZ,AR,CA,CO,DC,FL,GA,ID,IL,IN,IA,KS,KY,LA,MD,MI, Andrew Contact
Charlotte, NCHS1.25, , Andrew Contact
Charlotte, NCHS1.50, AL,AR,FL,GA,KY,LA,MS,NC,SC,TN,VA,WV, Contact
HIDDENITE, NCHS1.50, AL,GA,NC,SC,TN, Rodney Contact
Fayetteville, NCHS1.45, NC, Benjamin Evans Contact
Rocky Mount, NCF2.00, , Lamont Contact
new bern, NCR1.25, TX, severino ureta Contact
GREENSBORO, NCV2.50, NC, Joshua Contact
raleigh, NCV2.30, , Josh Contact
Durham, NCV1.00, , Jonathan Contact
Durham, NCV0.75, AL,AZ,AR,CA,CO,CT,DC,DE,FL,GA,ID,IL,IN,IA,KS,KY,LA, Jonathan Contact
CLINTON, NCR2.00, , Brian Gray Contact
Charlotte, NCPO2, , Alain Contact
charlotte, NCHS2.00, , 1474329600 Contact
Pineville, NCV2.00, , Hopeton Contact
Matthews, NCV2.00, , Hopeton Contact
Charlotte, NCHS2.25, , Johnny Largin Contact
Wallace, NCVR2.50, FL, Walter Gray Contact
monroe, NCHS1.85, AL,AR,DC,DE,FL,GA,IN,KY,LA,MD,MS,NJ,NC,OH,PA,SC,TN, james gause Contact
monroe, NCFD1.85, AL,AR,DC,DE,FL,GA,IN,KY,LA,MD,MS,NJ,NC,OH,PA,SC,TN, james gause Contact
monroe, NCFT1.85, AL,AR,DC,DE,FL,GA,IN,KY,LA,MD,MS,NJ,NC,OH,PA,SC,TN, james gause Contact
Raleigh, NCR1.88, FL,GA,NC,SC, Brian Contact
CHARLOTTE, NCVR2.10, , Edgar Michel Contact
Snow Hill, NCF3.50, NC, Thelma Johnson Contact
Greensboro, NCPO2.50, AL,AR,FL,GA,IL,LA,MS,MO,NC,OH,OK,PA,SC,TN,TX,VA, 8839803 Contact
CHARLOTTE, NCV2.00, , Felicia Armstrong Contact
Rocky Mount, NCHS1.50, AL,AR,AZ,CT,DE,FL,GA,IA,IL,IN,KS,KY,LA,MA,MD,ME,MI,M, Steven M. Contact
Charlotte, NCV2.00, AL,FL,GA,KY,MD,NJ,NC,PA,SC,TN,VA,WV, Tera Williams Contact
Wilmington nc, NCF3.00, , Phyllis Williams Contact
GREENSBORO, NCPO1.35, , Keysha Ayenumelo Contact
Charlotte, NCHS1.25, , Al Terrell Contact
Charlotte, NCHS1.25, , Al Terrell Contact
raleigh, NCHS2, , ali Contact
Pinebluff, NCV2.00, MD,NC,SC,TN,VA, Norman Contact
Pinebluff, NCVR2.00, AL,GA,NC,SC,TN,VA, Norman Contact
Raleigh, NCHS2.00, , Tony Mclean Contact
Mint Hill, NCV2.5, AL,AR,FL,GA,KY,LA,MS,SC,TN,VA,WV, keller Contact
Cowpens, NCV2.50, , Rhoda Contact
Atlanta, NCPO2.50, , Patrick Contact
Gastonia, NCV0, NC,SC, Courtney Vaughn Contact
, NCVFR3.20, AL,AZ,AR,CA,CO,CT,DC,DE,FL,GA,ID,IL,IN,IA,KS,KY,LA, Kenyatta Brown Contact
NC, NCVFR3, , Pure Glory Logistics Contact

North Carolina Available Truck Drivers

Work of a Truck Driver

Truck drivers are a constant presence on the Nation’s highways and interstates. They deliver everything from automobiles to canned food. Firms of all kinds rely on trucks to pick up and deliver goods because no other form of transportation can deliver goods door-to-door. Even if some goods travel most of the way by ship, train, or airplane, almost everything is carried by trucks at some point in its journey.

Before leaving the terminal or warehouse, truck drivers check the fuel level and oil in their trucks. They also inspect the trucks to make sure that the brakes, windshield wipers, and lights are working and that a fire extinguisher, flares, and other safety equipment are aboard and in working order. Drivers make sure their cargo is secure and adjust the mirrors so that both sides of the truck are visible from the driver’s seat. Drivers report equipment that is inoperable, missing, or loaded improperly to the dispatcher.

Once under way, drivers must be alert in order to prevent accidents. Drivers can see farther down the road because large trucks seat them higher off the ground than other vehicles. This allows them to see the road ahead and select lanes that are moving more smoothly as well as giving them warning of any dangerous road conditions ahead of them.

The duration of runs vary according to the types of cargo and the destinations. Local drivers may provide daily service for a specific route or region, while other drivers make longer, intercity and interstate deliveries. Interstate and intercity cargo tends to vary from job to job more than local cargo. A driver’s responsibilities and assignments change according to the type of loads transported and their vehicle’s size.

New technologies are changing the way truck drivers work, especially long-distance truck drivers. Satellites and the Global Positioning System link many trucks with their company’s headquarters. Troubleshooting information, directions, weather reports, and other important communications can be instantly relayed to the truck. Drivers can easily communicate with the dispatcher to discuss delivery schedules and courses of action in the event of mechanical problems. The satellite link also allows the dispatcher to track the truck’s location, fuel consumption, and engine performance. Some drivers also work with computerized inventory tracking equipment. It is important for the producer, warehouse, and customer to know their product’s location at all times so they can maintain a high quality of service.

Heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers operate trucks or vans with a capacity of at least 26,000 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). They transport goods including cars, livestock, and other materials in liquid, loose, or packaged form. Many routes are from city to city and cover long distances. Some companies use two drivers on very long runs—one drives while the other sleeps in a berth behind the cab. These “sleeper” runs can last for days, or even weeks. Trucks on sleeper runs typically stop only for fuel, food, loading, and unloading.

Some heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers who have regular runs transport freight to the same city on a regular basis. Other drivers perform ad hoc runs because shippers request varying service to different cities every day.

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires that drivers keep a log of their activities, the condition of the truck, and the circumstances of any accidents.

Long-distance heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers spend most of their working time behind the wheel, but also may have to load or unload their cargo. This is especially common when drivers haul specialty cargo, because they may be the only ones at the destination familiar with procedures or certified to handle the materials. Auto-transport drivers, for example, position cars on the trailers at the manufacturing plant and remove them at the dealerships. When picking up or delivering furniture, drivers of long-distance moving vans hire local workers to help them load or unload.

Light or delivery services truck drivers operate vans and trucks weighing less than 26,000 pounds GVW. They pick up or deliver merchandise and packages within a specific area. This may include short “turnarounds” to deliver a shipment to a nearby city, pick up another loaded truck or van, and drive it back to their home base the same day. These services may require use of electronic delivery tracking systems to track the whereabouts of the merchandise or packages. Light or delivery services truck drivers usually load or unload the merchandise at the customer’s place of business. They may have helpers if there are many deliveries to make during the day, or if the load requires heavy moving. Typically, before the driver arrives for work, material handlers load the trucks and arrange items for ease of delivery. Customers must sign receipts for goods and pay drivers the balance due on the merchandise if there is a cash-on-delivery arrangement. At the end of the day drivers turn in receipts, payments, records of deliveries made, and any reports on mechanical problems with their trucks.

Some local truck drivers have sales and customer service responsibilities. The primary responsibility of driver/sales workers, or route drivers, is to deliver and sell their firm’s products over established routes or within an established territory. They sell goods such as food products, including restaurant takeout items, or pick up and deliver items such as laundry. Their response to customer complaints and requests can make the difference between a large order and a lost customer. Route drivers may also take orders and collect payments.

The duties of driver/sales workers vary according to their industry, the policies of their employer, and the emphasis placed on their sales responsibility. Most have wholesale routes that deliver to businesses and stores, rather than to homes. For example, wholesale bakery driver/sales workers deliver and arrange bread, cakes, rolls, and other baked goods on display racks in grocery stores. They estimate how many of each item to stock by paying close attention to what is selling. They may recommend changes in a store’s order or encourage the manager to stock new bakery products. Laundries that rent linens, towels, work clothes, and other items employ driver/sales workers to visit businesses regularly to replace soiled laundry. Their duties also may include soliciting new customers along their sales route.

After completing their route, driver/sales workers place orders for their next deliveries based on product sales and customer requests.

Truck Driver Working Conditions

Truck driving has become less physically demanding because most trucks now have more comfortable seats, better ventilation, and improved, ergonomically designed cabs. Although these changes make the work environment less taxing, driving for many hours at a stretch, loading and unloading cargo, and making many deliveries can be tiring. Local truck drivers, unlike long-distance drivers, usually return home in the evening. Some self-employed long-distance truck drivers who own and operate their trucks spend most of the year away from home.

Design improvements in newer trucks have reduced stress and increased the efficiency of long-distance drivers. Many newer trucks are equipped with refrigerators, televisions, and bunks.

The U.S. Department of Transportation governs work hours and other working conditions of truck drivers engaged in interstate commerce. A long-distance driver may drive for 11 hours and work for up to 14 hours—including driving and non-driving duties—after having 10 hours off-duty. A driver may not drive after having worked for 60 hours in the past 7 days or 70 hours in the past 8 days unless they have taken at least 34 consecutive hours off-duty. Most drivers are required to document their time in a logbook. Many drivers, particularly on long runs, work close to the maximum time permitted because they typically are compensated according to the number of miles or hours they drive. Drivers on long runs face boredom, loneliness, and fatigue. Drivers often travel nights, holidays, and weekends to avoid traffic delays.

Local truck drivers frequently work 50 or more hours a week. Drivers who handle food for chain grocery stores, produce markets, or bakeries typically work long hours—starting late at night or early in the morning. Although most drivers have regular routes, some have different routes each day. Many local truck drivers, particularly driver/sales workers, load and unload their own trucks. This requires considerable lifting, carrying, and walking each day.

State and Federal regulations govern the qualifications and standards for truck drivers. All drivers must comply with Federal regulations and any State regulations that are in excess of those Federal requirements. Truck drivers must have a driver’s license issued by the State in which they live, and most employers require a clean driving record. Drivers of trucks designed to carry 26,000 pounds or more—including most tractor-trailers, as well as bigger straight trucks—must obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) from the State in which they live. All truck drivers who operate trucks transporting hazardous materials must obtain a CDL, regardless of truck size. In order to receive the hazardous materials endorsement a driver must be fingerprinted and submit to a criminal background check by the Transportation Security Administration. Federal regulations governing CDL administration allow for States to exempt farmers, emergency medical technicians, firefighters, some military drivers, and snow and ice removers from the need for a CDL at the State’s discretion. In many States a regular driver’s license is sufficient for driving light trucks and vans.

To qualify for a CDL an applicant must have a clean driving record, pass a written test on rules and regulations, and then demonstrate that they can operate a commercial truck safely. A national database permanently records all driving violations committed by those with a CDL. A State will check these records and deny a CDL to those who already have a license suspended or revoked in another State. Licensed drivers must accompany trainees until they get their own CDL. A person may not hold more than one license at a time and must surrender any other licenses when a CDL is issued. Information on how to apply for a CDL may be obtained from State motor vehicle administrations.

Many States allow those who are as young as 18 years old to drive trucks within their borders. To drive a commercial vehicle between States one must be 21 years of age, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT), which establishes minimum qualifications for truck drivers engaging in interstate commerce. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations—published by U.S. DOT—require drivers to be at least 21 years old and to pass a physical examination once every 2 years. The main physical requirements include good hearing, at least 20/40 vision with glasses or corrective lenses, and a 70-degree field of vision in each eye. Drivers may not be colorblind. Drivers must be able to hear a forced whisper in one ear at not less than 5 feet, with a hearing aid if needed. Drivers must have normal use of arms and legs and normal blood pressure. Drivers may not use any controlled substances, unless prescribed by a licensed physician. Persons with epilepsy or diabetes controlled by insulin are not permitted to be interstate truck drivers. Federal regulations also require employers to test their drivers for alcohol and drug use as a condition of employment, and require periodic random tests of the drivers while they are on duty. A driver must not have been convicted of a felony involving the use of a motor vehicle; a crime involving drugs; driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol; refusing to submit to an alcohol test required by a State or its implied consent laws or regulations; leaving the scene of a crime; or causing a fatality through negligent operation of a motor vehicle. All drivers must be able to read and speak English well enough to read road signs, prepare reports, and communicate with law enforcement officers and the public.

Many trucking operations have higher standards than those described here. Many firms require that drivers be at least 22 years old, be able to lift heavy objects, and have driven trucks for 3 to 5 years. Many prefer to hire high school graduates and require annual physical examinations. Companies have an economic incentive to hire less risky drivers, as good drivers use less fuel and cost less to insure.

Taking driver-training courses is a desirable method of preparing for truck driving jobs and for obtaining a CDL. High school courses in driver training and automotive mechanics also may be helpful. Many private and public vocational-technical schools offer tractor-trailer driver training programs. Students learn to maneuver large vehicles on crowded streets and in highway traffic. They also learn to inspect trucks and freight for compliance with regulations. Some programs provide only a limited amount of actual driving experience. Completion of a program does not guarantee a job. Those interested in attending a driving school should check with local trucking companies to make sure the school’s training is acceptable. Some States require prospective drivers to complete a training course in basic truck driving before being issued their CDL. The Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI), a nonprofit organization established by the trucking industry, manufacturers, and others, certifies driver training courses at truck driver training schools that meet industry standards and Federal Highway Administration guidelines for training tractor-trailer drivers.

Drivers must get along well with people because they often deal directly with customers. Employers seek driver/sales workers who speak well and have self-confidence, initiative, tact, and a neat appearance. Employers also look for responsible, self-motivated individuals who are able to work well with little supervision.

Training given to new drivers by employers is usually informal, and may consist of only a few hours of instruction from an experienced driver, sometimes on the new employee’s own time. New drivers may also ride with and observe experienced drivers before getting their own assignments. Drivers receive additional training to drive special types of trucks or handle hazardous materials. Some companies give 1 to 2 days of classroom instruction covering general duties, the operation and loading of a truck, company policies, and the preparation of delivery forms and company records. Driver/sales workers also receive training on the various types of products their company carries so that they can effectively answer questions about the products and more easily market them to their customers.

Although most new truck drivers are assigned to regular driving jobs immediately, some start as extra drivers—substituting for regular drivers who are ill or on vacation. Extra drivers receive a regular assignment when an opening occurs.

New drivers sometimes start on panel trucks or other small straight trucks. As they gain experience and show competent driving skills they may advance to larger, heavier trucks and finally to tractor-trailers.

The advancement of truck drivers generally is limited to driving runs that provide increased earnings, preferred schedules, or working conditions. Local truck drivers may advance to driving heavy or specialized trucks, or transfer to long-distance truck driving. Working for companies that also employ long-distance drivers is the best way to advance to these positions. Few truck drivers become dispatchers or managers.

Some long-distance truck drivers purchase trucks and go into business for themselves. Although some of these owner-operators are successful, others fail to cover expenses and go out of business. Owner-operators should have good business sense as well as truck driving experience. Courses in accounting, business, and business mathematics are helpful. Knowledge of truck mechanics can enable owner-operators to perform their own routine maintenance and minor repairs.

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27811 BELMONT, 28012 BELVIDERE, 27919 BELVILLE, 28451 BENNETT, 27208 BENSON, 27504 Berryman, 28202 BESSEMER CITY, 28016 BETHANIA, 27010 BETHEL, 27812 BEULAVILLE, 28518 Birmingham, 27604 BISCOE, 27209 Bishop, 28734 Bismarck, 0 BLACK CREEK, 27813 BLACK MOUNTAIN, 28711 BLACK MT, 0 BLACK MTN, 0 BLADENBORO, 28320 BLANCH, 27212 BLOUNTS CREEK, 27814 BLOWING ROCK, 28605 BOILING SPRING, 28152 BOILING SPRINGS, 28017 BOLIVIA, 28422 BOLTON, 28423 BONLEE, 27213 BOOMER, 28606 BOONE, 28607 BOONVILLE, 27011 BOSTIC, 28018 Brantford, 27713 BRASSTOWN, 28902 BREVARD, 28712 BRIDGETON, 28519 BROADWAY, 27505 Brown Summit, 27214 BROWNS SUMMIT, 27214 BRUNSWICK, 28424 BRYSON CITY, 28713 BUCKNER, 28754 Buford, 28114 BUIES CREEK, 27506 BULLOCK, 27507 BUNN, 27508 BUNNLEVEL, 28323 BURGAW, 28425 Burl, 27220 BURLINGTON, 27215 BURNSVILLE, 28714 BUTNER, 27509 BUXTON, 27920 BYNUM, 27228 CALABASH, 28467 CALYPSO, 28325 CAMDEN, 27921 CAMERON, 28326 CAMP LE JEUNE, 28547 CAMP LEJEUNE, 28542 CANDLER, 28715 CANDOR, 27229 CANTON, 28716 CAPE CARTERET, 28584 CAROLEEN, 28019 CAROLINA BEACH, 28428 CARRBORO, 27510 CARTHAGE, 28327 CARY, 27511 CASAR, 28020 CASHIERS, 28717 CASTALIA, 27816 CASTLE HAYNE, 28429 CATAWBA, 28609 CEDAR FALLS, 27230 CEDAR GROVE, 27231 CEDAR ISLAND, 28520 CEDAR MOUNTAIN, 28718 Cedar Point, 28584 CERRO GORDO, 28430 CHADBOURN, 28431 CHADRON, 27713 CHAPEL HILL, 27514 CHAPEL HL, 27514 Chappell, 27544 Chappels, 27514 Charleston, 27874 CHARLOTEE, 28202 CHARLOTTE, 28201 CHEROKEE, 28719 CHERRY POINT, 28533 CHERRYVILLE, 28021 CHIMNEY ROCK, 28720 CHINA GROVE, 28023 CHINQUAPIN, 28521 CHOCOWINITY, 27817 CLAREMONT, 28610 CLARENDON, 28432 CLARKTON, 28433 CLAYTON, 27520 CLEMMONS, 27012 CLEVELAND, 27013 CLIFFSIDE, 28024 CLIMAX, 27233 CLINTON, 28328 CLYDE, 28721 COATS, 27521 COFIELD, 27922 COINJOCK, 27923 COLERAIN, 27924 COLERIDGE, 27316 COLFAX, 27235 COLLETTSVILLE, 28611 Collingwood, 28209 COLUMBIA, 27925 COLUMBUS, 28722 COMFORT, 28522 COMO, 27818 CONCORD, 28025 CONETOE, 27819 Connelly, 28612 CONNELLY SPRIN, 28612 CONNELLY SPRINGS, 0 CONNELLYS SPRI, 28612 CONNELLYS SPRINGS, 28612 CONOVER, 28613 CONWAY, 27820 COOLEEMEE, 27014 CORAPEAKE, 27926 CORCORAN, 27701 CORDOVA, 28330 CORNELIUS, 28031 COROLLA, 27927 COUNCIL, 28434 COVE CITY, 28523 Cowee, 28734 CRAMERTON, 28032 CREEDMOOR, 27522 CRESTON, 28615 CRESWELL, 27928 CROSSNORE, 28616 CROUSE, 28033 CRUMPLER, 28617 Crutchfield, 27017 CULBERSON, 28903 CULLOWHEE, 28723 CUMBERLAND, 28331 CUMNOCK, 27237 CURRIE, 28435 CURRITUCK, 27929 DALLAS, 28034 DANA, 28724 DANBURY, 27016 DAVIDSON, 28036 DAVIS, 28524 DEEP GAP, 28618 DEEP RUN, 28525 Deerfield, 28607 DELCO, 28436 DENTON, 27239 DENVER, 28037 DEPOT, 27017 DILLSBORO, 28725 DOBSON, 27017 Donnaha, 27050 Doran, 0 DORCHESTER, 27040 DOVER, 28526 DREXEL, 28619 DUBLIN, 28332 DUDLEY, 28333 DUNN, 28334 DURANTS NECK, 27930 DURHAM, 27701 E Bend, 27018 E Flat Rock, 28726 EAGLE SPRINGS, 27242 EARL, 28038 EAST BEND, 27018 EAST FLAT ROCK, 28726 EAST SPENCER, 28039 EDEN, 27288 edento, 27932 EDENTON, 27932 EDGAR, 27350 EDNEYVILLE, 28727 EDWARD, 27821 EFLAND, 27243 EIZABETH CITY, 27909 ELIZABETH, 27909 ELIZABETH CITY, 27906 ELIZABETHTOWN, 28337 ELIZBETH CITY, 27909 ELK PARK, 28622 ELKIN, 28621 ELLENBORO, 28040 ELLERBE, 28338 Ellijay, 28734 ELM CITY, 27822 ELON COLLEGE, 27244 EMERALD ISLE, 28594 Emporia, 27842 ENFIELD, 27823 ENGELHARD, 27824 ENKA, 28728 ENNICE, 28623 ERNUL, 28527 ERWIN, 28339 ETHER, 27247 ETOWAH, 28729 EURE, 27935 EVERETTS, 27825 EVERGREEN, 28438 FAIR BLUFF, 28439 FAIRFAX, 28472 FAIRFIELD, 27826 FAIRMONT, 28340 FAIRVIEW, 28730 FAISON, 28341 FAITH, 28041 FALCON, 28342 FALKLAND, 27827 FALLSTON, 28042 farmignton, 27028 FARMVILLE, 27828 FAYETTEVILLE, 28301 FEATHERSTON, 27376 FERGUSON, 28624 FINLEY, 28645 FLAT ROCK, 28731 FLEETWOOD, 28626 FLETCHER, 28732 FONTANA DAM, 28733 FOREST CITY, 28043 FOREST VIEW, 28906 FORT BRAGG, 28307 FOUNTAIN, 27829 FOUR OAKS, 27524 FRANKLIN, 28734 FRANKLINTON, 27525 FRANKLINVILLE, 27248 FREMONT, 27830 FRISCO, 27936 FT BRAGG, 0 Fuqu, 27526 FUQUA VARINA, 27526 FUQUAY, 27526 FUQUAY VARINA, 27526 Fuquay-Varina, 27526 Galloway, 27587 Galloway ct, 27615 GARLAND, 28441 GARNER, 27529 GARYSBURG, 27831 GASTON, 27832 GASTONIA, 28052 GATES, 27937 GATESVILLE, 27938 GERMANTON, 27019 GERTON, 28735 GIBSON, 28343 GIBSONVILLE, 27249 Gilead, 27306 Gilette, 28206 GLADE VALLEY, 28627 GLEN ALPINE, 28628 GLENDALE SPRINGS, 28629 GLENVILLE, 28736 GLENWOOD, 28737 GLOUCESTER, 28528 GODWIN, 28344 GOLD HILL, 28071 GOLDSBORO, 27530 GOLDSTON, 27252 Gonzalez, 28547 GRAHAM, 27253 GRANDY, 27939 GRANITE FALLS, 28630 GRANITE QUARRY, 28072 GRANTSBORO, 28529 GRASSY CREEK, 28631 Graves, 27284 GREEN ACRES, 27609 GREEN MOUNTAIN, 28740 GREENSBORO, 27401 GREENVILLE, 27833 Greenwich, 6902 GRIFTON, 28530 GRIMESLAND, 27837 GROVER, 28073 GULF, 27256 GUMBERRY, 27838 HALIFAX, 27839 HALLSBORO, 28442 HAMILTON, 27840 HAMLET, 28345 HAMPSTEAD, 28443 Hampton, 27020 HAMPTONVILLE, 27020 HAMTPONVILLE, 27020 HARBINGER, 27941 HARKERS ISLAND, 28531 HARMONY, 28634 HARRELLS, 28444 HARRELLSVILLE, 27942 HARRIS, 28074 HARRISBURG, 28075 HASSELL, 27841 HATTERAS, 27943 HAVELOCK, 28532 HAW RIVER, 27258 Hayes, 28635 HAYESVILLE, 28904 HAYS, 28635 Hazelhurst, 28211 HAZELWOOD, 28738 HENDERSON, 27536 HENDERSONVILLE, 28739 HENRICO, 27842 HENRIETTA, 28076 HERTFORD, 27944 HICKORY, 28601 HIDDENITE, 28636 HIGH PIONT, 27260 HIGH POINT, 27260 HIGH SHOALS, 28077 HIGHFALLS, 27259 Highland, 28741 HIGHLANDS, 28741 Highpoint, 27265 HILDEBRAN, 28637 Hillsboro, 27278 HILLSBOROUGH, 27278 HOBBSVILLE, 27946 HOBGOOD, 27843 HOBUCKEN, 28537 HOFFMAN, 28347 HOLLISTER, 27844 HOLLY RIDGE, 28445 HOLLY SPRINGS, 27540 HOOKERTON, 28538 HOPE MILLS, 28348 HORSE SHOE, 28742 HOT SPRINGS, 28743 HUBERT, 28539 HUDSON, 28638 Hunters, 28070 HUNTERSVILLE, 28070 HURDLE MILLS, 27541 ICARD, 28666 INDIAN TRAIL, 28079 INGOLD, 28446 Iron Mtn, 28705 IRON STATION, 28080 IVANHOE, 28447 JACKSON, 27845 JACKSON SPRINGS, 27281 JACKSONVILLE, 28540 JAMESTOWN, 27282 JAMESVILLE, 27846 Janesville, 27846 JARVISBURG, 27947 JEFFERSON, 28640 Jessup, 27053 JONAS RIDGE, 28641 JONESVILLE, 28642 JULIAN, 27283 KANNAPOLIS, 28081 KELFORD, 27847 KELLY, 28448 KENANSVILLE, 28349 KENLY, 27542 KERNERSVILLE, 27284 KILL DEVIL HIL, 27948 KILL DEVIL HILLS, 27948 KING, 27021 KING MOUNTAIN, 28086 KINGS MOUNTAIN, 28086 Kings Mtn, 28086 Kingstown, 28150 KINSTON, 28501 KIPLING, 27543 KITTRELL, 27544 KITTY HAWK, 27949 KNIGHTDALE, 27545 KNOTTS ISLAND, 27950 KURE BEACH, 28449 La Fayette, 28311 LA GRANGE, 28551 Lafayette, 28304 LAKE JUNALUSKA, 28745 LAKE LURE, 28746 LAKE TOXAWAY, 28747 LAKE WACCAMAW, 28450 LAKEVIEW, 28350 LANDIS, 28088 LANSING, 28643 Las Vegas, 28393 LATTIMORE, 28089 LAUREL HILL, 28351 LAUREL HL, 28351 Laurel Spgs, 28644 LAUREL SPRINGS, 28644 LAURINBURG, 28352 LAWNDALE, 28090 LAWSONVILLE, 27022 LEASBURG, 27291 Leesville, 27613 LEICESTER, 28748 LELAND, 28451 LEMON SPRINGS, 28355 LENOIR, 28633 LEWISTON, 27849 LEWISTON WOODVI, 27849 LEWISTON WOODVILLE, 27849 LEWISVILLE, 27023 LEXINGTON, 27292 LIBERTY, 27298 LILESVILLE, 28091 LILLINGTON, 27546 LINCOLNTON, 28092 LINDEN, 28356 LINVILLE, 28646 LINVILLE FALLS, 28647 LINWOOD, 27299 LITTLE SWITZERLAND, 28749 LITTLETON, 27850 LOCUS, 28097 LOCUST, 28097 LONGWOOD, 28452 LOUISBURG, 27549 LOWELL, 28098 LOWGAP, 27024 LOWLAND, 28552 LUCAMA, 27851 LUMBER BRIDGE, 28357 LUMBERTON, 28358 LYNN, 28750 M OUNT AIRY, 27030 MACCLESFIELD, 27852 Mackey, 28326 MACON, 27551 MADISON, 27025 MAGGIE VALLEY, 28751 MAGNOLIA, 28453 MAIDEN, 28650 MAMERS, 27552 MANNS HARBOR, 27953 MANSON, 27553 MANTEO, 27954 MAPLE, 27956 MAPLE HILL, 28454 MARBLE, 28905 MARGARETTSVILLE, 27853 MARIETTA, 28362 MARION, 28752 Markham, 27514 Marlboro, 0 MARPLE, 28382 MARS HILL, 28754 MARSHALL, 28753 MARSHALLBERG, 28553 MARSHVILLE, 28103 MARSTON, 28363 Martinsville, 0 MARVIN, 28173 MATTHEWS, 28104 MAURY, 28554 MAXTON, 28364 MAYODAN, 27027 MAYSVILLE, 28555 MAYWOOD, 28205 MC ADENVILLE, 28101 MC FARLAN, 28102 MC GRADY, 28649 MC LEANSVILLE, 27301 MCCAIN, 28361 MCCUTCHEON FIELD, 28545 McDermott, 27705 MCDONALD, 28340 MCFARLAN, 28102 McLeansville, 27301 MEBANE, 27302 MELLVILLE, 28117 MERRITT, 28556 MERRY HILL, 27957 Merry Oaks, 28205 MICAVILLE, 28755 MICRO, 27555 MIDDLEBURG, 27556 MIDDLESEX, 27557 MIDLAND, 28107 MIDWAY PARK, 28544 MILL SPRING, 28756 Millard, 28748 Millard Group, 27407 Millard J Dr, 28739 MILLER CREEK, 28651 MILLERS CREEK, 28651 MILLS RIVER, 28759 MILTON, 27305 MILWAUKEE, 27854 MINERAL SPRINGS, 28108 MINNEAPOLIS, 28652 MISENHEIMER, 28109 MOCKSVILLE, 27028 MONCURE, 27559 MONROE, 28110 MONTEZUMA, 28653 MONTREAT, 28757 MOORESBORO, 28114 Mooresviille, 0 MOORESVILLE, 28115 MORAVIAN FALLS, 28654 MOREHEAD CITY, 28557 MORGAN HL, 28711 MORGANTON, 28655 MORGANTOWN, 0 MORRISVILLE, 27560 MORVEN, 28119 MOUNT AIRY, 27030 MOUNT GILEAD, 27306 MOUNT HOLLY, 28120 MOUNT MOURNE, 28123 MOUNT OLIVE, 28365 MOUNT PLEASANT, 28124 MOUNT ULLA, 28125 MOUNTAIN HOME, 28758 MOUNTAINN HOME, 28758 MOYOCK, 27958 MT AIRY, 27030 Mt Gilead, 27306 Mt Holly, 0 Mt Olive, 0 MT PLEASANT, 28124 Mt. Gilead, 27306 MTN HOME, 28758 Mtn View, 28602 MURFREESBORO, 27855 MURPHY, 28906 Murry, 27953 N Charlotte, 28208 N Concord, 28026 N TOPSAIL BEAC, 0 N Wilkesboro, 28659 N. CHARLOTTE, 28218 NAGS HEAD, 27959 NAKINA, 28455 NAPLES, 28760 NASHVILLE, 27856 Nashville NC 27856, 27856 NEBO, 28761 NEW, 28657 NEW BERN, 28560 NEW HILL, 27562 NEW LONDON, 28127 Newburgh, 0 NEWELL, 28126 NEWLAND, 28657 NEWPORT, 28570 NEWTON, 28658 NEWTON GROVE, 28366 NORLINA, 27563 NORMAN, 28367 NORTH WILKESBO, 28697 NORTH WILKESBOR, 0 NORTH WILKESBORO, 28656 NORWOOD, 28128 OAK CITY, 27857 OAK GROVE, 27703 OAK ISLAND, 28465 OAK RIDGE, 27310 OAKBORO, 28129 OAKLAND, 28146 OCEAN ISLE BEA, 28469 OCEAN ISLE BEACH, 28469 OCRACOKE, 27960 Old Emporia, 27832 OLD FORT, 28762 OLD FT, 28762 Old Monroe, 28104 OLIN, 28660 OLIVIA, 28368 ORIENTAL, 28571 ORRUM, 28369 OTTO, 28763 OXFORD, 27565 PANTEGO, 27860 PARKTON, 28371 PARMELE, 27861 PATTERSON, 28661 PAW CREEK, 28130 PEACHLAND, 28133 PEE DEE, 28091 PELHAM, 27311 PEMBROKE, 28372 PENDLETON, 27862 PENLAND, 28765 PENROSE, 28766 PFAFFTOWN, 27040 Pickering, 27513 PIKEVILLE, 27863 PILOT MOUNTAIN, 27041 PINE HALL, 27042 PINE LEVEL, 27568 PINEBLUFF, 28373 PINEHURST, 28370 PINEOLA, 28662 PINETOPS, 27864 PINETOWN, 27865 PINEVILLE, 28134 PINEY, 28806 PINEY CREEK, 28663 PINEY MT, 28748 PINK HILL, 28572 PINNACLE, 27043 PISGAH FOREST, 28768 PITTSBORO, 27312 PLEASANT GARDE, 27313 PLEASANT GARDEN, 27313 PLEASANT HILL, 27866 PLUMTREE, 28664 PLYMOUTH, 27962 POINT HARBOR, 27964 POLKTON, 28135 POLKVILLE, 28136 POLLOCKSVILLE, 28573 POPE A F B, 28308 POPLAR BRANCH, 27965 Portland, 0 POTECASI, 27867 POWELLS POINT, 27966 POWELLSVILLE, 27967 PRINCETON, 27569 PROCTORVILLE, 28375 PROSPECT HILL, 27314 PROVIDENCE, 27315 PURLEAR, 28665 RAEFORD, 28376 RALEIGH, 27601 RALIEGH, 0 RAMSEUR, 27316 RANDLEMAN, 27317 RANLO, 28054 RED OAK, 27868 RED SPRINGS, 28377 REDCLIFF, 28645 REEPSVILLE, 28168 REIDSVILLE, 27320 REIGLEWOOD, 28456 releigh, 27601 RESEARCH TRIAN, 0 RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, 27709 REX, 28378 RHODHISS, 28667 RICH SQUARE, 27869 RICHFIELD, 28137 RICHLANDS, 28574 Richwood, 27705 Richwood ct, 28314 RIDGECREST, 28770 ridgelwood, 28456 RIDGEWAY, 27570 RIEGELWOOD, 28456 RIVERTON, 27051 RIVERTON CT, 27249 Roanoke, 0 Roanoke Rapid, 27870 ROANOKE RAPIDS, 27870 ROARING GAP, 28668 ROARING RIVER, 28669 ROBBINS, 27325 ROBBINSVILLE, 28771 ROBERSONVILLE, 27871 ROCK SPRINGS, 27834 ROCKINGHAM, 28379 ROCKWELL, 28138 ROCKY MOUNT, 27802 ROCKY MOUNTAIN, 27801 ROCKY MOUTN, 0 ROCKY MT, 27801 ROCKY POINT, 28457 RODANTHE, 27968 RODUCO, 27969 ROLESVILLE, 27571 RONDA, 28670 ROPER, 27970 ROSE HILL, 28458 ROSEBORO, 28382 ROSMAN, 28772 ROUGEMONT, 27572 ROUND MTN, 27371 ROWLAND, 28383 ROXBORO, 27573 ROXBURY, 27284 ROXBURY CT, 27006 ROXOBEL, 27872 RUFFIN, 27326 RURAL HALL, 27045 Rutherford, 28139 RUTHERFORD COL, 28671 RUTHERFORD COLLEGE, 28671 Rutherfordt, 28139 RUTHERFORDTON, 28139 SAINT BERNARD, 28715 SAINT PAULS, 28384 SALEM, 27101 SALEMBURG, 28385 SALISBURY, 28144 SALTER PATH, 28575 SALUDA, 28773 SALVO, 27972 SANDY RIDGE, 27046 SANFORD, 27330 SAPPHIRE, 28774 SARATOGA, 27873 SAXAPAHAW, 27340 SCALY MOUNTAIN, 28775 SCOTLAND NECK, 27874 SCOTTS, 28699 SCOTTVILLE, 28672 SCRANTON, 27875 SEABOARD, 27876 SEAGROVE, 27341 SEALEVEL, 28577 SEDALIA, 27342 Selfridge, 27534 Selfridge ct, 27615 SELMA, 27576 SEMORA, 27343 Seneca, 28209 SEVEN SPRINGS, 28578 SEVERN, 27877 SHALLOTTE, 28459 SHANNON, 28386 SHARPSBURG, 27878 SHAWBORO, 27973 SHELBY, 28150 SHERRILLS FORD, 28673 SHILOH, 27974 Sidney, 28320 Sidney lane, 28432 SILER CITY, 27344 SILOAM, 27047 Silver City, 28376 SIMPSON, 27879 SIMS, 27880 SKYLAND, 28776 SMITHFIELD, 27577 SMYRNA, 28579 SNEAD, 28460 SNEADS FERRY, 28460 SNOW CAMP, 27349 SNOW HILL, 28580 SOPHIA, 27350 SOUTH MILLS, 27976 SOUTHERN PINES, 28387 SOUTHMONT, 27351 SOUTHPORT, 28461 SOUTHSIDE, 27406 SPARTA, 28675 SPEED, 27881 SPENCER, 28159 SPINDALE, 28160 SPRING HOPE, 27882 SPRING LAKE, 28390 SPRUCE PINE, 28777 St James, 28461 ST JOHNS, 27932 St Matthews, 28105 St Pauls, 28384 STACY, 28581 STALEY, 27355 STANFIELD, 28163 STANLEY, 28164 STANTONSBURG, 27883 STAR, 27356 STATE ROAD, 28676 STATESVILLE, 28625 STEDMAN, 28391 STELLA, 28582 STEM, 27581 STOKES, 27884 STOKESDALE, 27357 STONEVILLE, 27048 STONEWALL, 28583 STONY POINT, 28678 STOVALL, 27582 STUMPY POINT, 27978 SUGAR CREEK, 28206 SUGAR GROVE, 28679 Sugarcreek, 27030 SUMMERFIELD, 27358 SUMTER, 0 SUNBURY, 27979 SUNSET BEACH, 28468 SUPPLY, 28462 SWAN QUARTER, 27885 SWANNANOA, 28778 SWANQUARTER, 27885 SWANSBORO, 28584 SWEPSONVILLE, 27359 SYLVA, 28779 TABOR CITY, 28463 TAR HEEL, 28392 TARAWA TERRACE, 28543 TARBORO, 27886 TARHEEL, 27935 TARHHEEL, 27935 Taylors, 28681 TAYLORSVILLE, 28681 TEACHEY, 28464 TERRELL, 28682 THOMASVILLE, 27360 Thornton, 27616 THUNDER BAY, 28173 THUNDERBAY, 28173 THURMOND, 28683 TILLERY, 27887 TIMBERLAKE, 27583 TOAST, 27049 TOBACCOVILLE, 27050 TODD, 28684 TOPTON, 28781 TOWNSVILLE, 27584 TRAPHILL, 28685 TRENTON, 28585 TRINITY, 27370 TROUTMAN, 28166 TROY, 27371 TRYON, 28782 TUCKASEGEE, 28783 TURKEY, 28393 TURNERSBURG, 28688 TUXEDO, 28784 TYNER, 27980 UNION GROVE, 28689 UNION MILLS, 28167 VALDESE, 28690 VALE, 28168 VALLE CRUCIS, 28691 VALLEY VIEW, 28901 VANCEBORO, 28586 VANDEMERE, 28587 VASS, 28394 VAUGHAN, 27586 VILAS, 28692 W JEFFERSON, 0 WACO, 28169 WADE, 28395 WADESBORO, 28170 WAGRAM, 28396 WAKE FOREST, 27587 WALDON, 28037 WALKERTOWN, 27051 Wall, 27373 WALLACE, 28466 WALLBURG, 27373 WALNUT COVE, 27052 WALSTONBURG, 27888 WANCHESE, 27981 WARNE, 28909 WARRENSVILLE, 28693 WARRENTON, 27589 WARSAW, 28398 WASHINGTON, 27889 WATERMILL, 28655 WATHA, 28471 WAVES, 27982 WAXHAW, 28173 WAYNESVILE, 28786 WAYNESVILLE, 28785 WEAVERVILLE, 28787 WEBSTER, 28788 WELCOME, 27374 WELDON, 27890 WENDELL, 27591 WENTWORTH, 27375 WEST END, 27376 WEST JEFFERSON, 28694 WESTFIELD, 27053 WESTON, 27513 WHITAKERS, 27891 WHITE OAK, 28399 WHITE PLAINS, 27031 Whitesville, 0 WHITEVILLE, 28472 WHITSETT, 27377 WHITTIER, 28789 WILKESBORO, 28697 WILLARD, 28478 WILLIAMSTON, 27892 WILLISTON, 28589 WILLOW SPRING, 27592 WILMINGTON, 28401 wilmongton, 28401 WILSON, 27893 WILSONS MILLS, 27593 WINDSOR, 27983 WINFALL, 27985 WINGATE, 28174 WINNABOW, 28479 winston sal, 27130 WINSTON SALEM, 27101 WINSTON-SALEM, 0 WINTERVILLE, 28590 WINTON, 27986 WISE, 27594 WOODLAND, 27897 WOODLEAF, 27054 WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, 28480 YADKINVILLE, 27055 YANCEYVILLE, 27379 YOUNGSVILL, 27596 YOUNGSVILLE, 27596 ZEBULON, 27597 ZIONVILLE, 28698 ZIRCONIA, 28790