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OriginTruck TypePayDest. #1Dest. #2NamePhone
La Crosse, WIV2.00, IL,IN,IA,KS,KY,MI,MN,MO,NE,ND,OH,SD,WI, Jason Contact
butler, WIR0, MN, Jeff Klukken Contact
Escanaba, WIV2.00, AL,AR,CO,FL,GA,KS,LA,MO,NE,OK,SC,TX, jason lehman Contact
Eau Claire, WIV1.50, , Jason Contact
Milwaukee, WIVF1.65, IL,IN,IA,KS,KY,MI,MN,MO,NE,NC,ND,OH,SC,SD,TN,WI, Joshua Contact
stockbridge, WIFD1.50, IA,MN,NE,ND,SD, Chris Contact
anti, WIF2.25, WI, chad Contact
antigo, WIF2.25, WI, chad Contact
Cudahy, WIR2.00, AL,AR,FL,GA,LA,MS,NM,SC,TN,TX, kari Contact
Milwaukee, WIHS, IL,IN,IA,MN,WI, Dameian Contact
Seymour, WIHS2.00, , Steve Contact
Seymour, WIHS2.25, IL,IN,IA,MI,MN,WI, Steve Contact
madison, WIV2.00, , matt Contact
Milwaukee, WIV1.40, , Jason Contact
Milwaukee, WIHS1.40, , Jason Brantley Contact
Tomah, WIV1.50, IN,KY,OH,PA,TN,WV, JIMMY Contact
MADISON, WIV1.25, , Peter Sulureh Contact
MADISON, WIV1.25, , Peter Sulureh Contact
EAU CLAIRE, WIFT1.75, , Brian Contact
Kenosha, WIR2.25, , Joe Contact
Milwaukee, WIPO1.75, FL,GA,ID,IL,IN,KY,MI,OH,OK,SC,WI, Jorge Contact
Milwaukee, WIPO1.75, AL,AR,FL,GA,IL,IN,IA,KY,LA,MI,MN,MS,MO,OH,SC,TN,WI, Jorge Contact
wisconsin, WIV2.00, , robert bellamy Contact
milwaukee, WIPO2.00, KS,KY,MO,NE,ND,OH,SD, robert bellamy Contact
wisconsin, WIV2.00, IL,IN,IA,KS,MI,MN,MO,NE,ND,OH,SD,WI, robert bellamy Contact
MILWAUKEE, WIPO3.00, IL,IN,IA,MN,WI, kennethrockingham Contact
Milwaukee, WIV1.75, , Norman Dismuke Contact
MINNEAPOLIS, WIPO2.00, , Charlie Hartley Contact
Wauwatosa, WIPO3.00, IN,KY,OH,PA,VA,WV, Suresh Contact

Available Truck Drivers

Work of a Truck Driver

Truck drivers are a constant presence on the Nation’s highways and interstates. They deliver everything from automobiles to canned food. Firms of all kinds rely on trucks to pick up and deliver goods because no other form of transportation can deliver goods door-to-door. Even if some goods travel most of the way by ship, train, or airplane, almost everything is carried by trucks at some point in its journey.

Before leaving the terminal or warehouse, truck drivers check the fuel level and oil in their trucks. They also inspect the trucks to make sure that the brakes, windshield wipers, and lights are working and that a fire extinguisher, flares, and other safety equipment are aboard and in working order. Drivers make sure their cargo is secure and adjust the mirrors so that both sides of the truck are visible from the driver’s seat. Drivers report equipment that is inoperable, missing, or loaded improperly to the dispatcher.

Once under way, drivers must be alert in order to prevent accidents. Drivers can see farther down the road because large trucks seat them higher off the ground than other vehicles. This allows them to see the road ahead and select lanes that are moving more smoothly as well as giving them warning of any dangerous road conditions ahead of them.

The duration of runs vary according to the types of cargo and the destinations. Local drivers may provide daily service for a specific route or region, while other drivers make longer, intercity and interstate deliveries. Interstate and intercity cargo tends to vary from job to job more than local cargo. A driver’s responsibilities and assignments change according to the type of loads transported and their vehicle’s size.

New technologies are changing the way truck drivers work, especially long-distance truck drivers. Satellites and the Global Positioning System link many trucks with their company’s headquarters. Troubleshooting information, directions, weather reports, and other important communications can be instantly relayed to the truck. Drivers can easily communicate with the dispatcher to discuss delivery schedules and courses of action in the event of mechanical problems. The satellite link also allows the dispatcher to track the truck’s location, fuel consumption, and engine performance. Some drivers also work with computerized inventory tracking equipment. It is important for the producer, warehouse, and customer to know their product’s location at all times so they can maintain a high quality of service.

Heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers operate trucks or vans with a capacity of at least 26,000 pounds Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW). They transport goods including cars, livestock, and other materials in liquid, loose, or packaged form. Many routes are from city to city and cover long distances. Some companies use two drivers on very long runs—one drives while the other sleeps in a berth behind the cab. These “sleeper” runs can last for days, or even weeks. Trucks on sleeper runs typically stop only for fuel, food, loading, and unloading.

Some heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers who have regular runs transport freight to the same city on a regular basis. Other drivers perform ad hoc runs because shippers request varying service to different cities every day.

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires that drivers keep a log of their activities, the condition of the truck, and the circumstances of any accidents.

Long-distance heavy truck and tractor-trailer drivers spend most of their working time behind the wheel, but also may have to load or unload their cargo. This is especially common when drivers haul specialty cargo, because they may be the only ones at the destination familiar with procedures or certified to handle the materials. Auto-transport drivers, for example, position cars on the trailers at the manufacturing plant and remove them at the dealerships. When picking up or delivering furniture, drivers of long-distance moving vans hire local workers to help them load or unload.

Light or delivery services truck drivers operate vans and trucks weighing less than 26,000 pounds GVW. They pick up or deliver merchandise and packages within a specific area. This may include short “turnarounds” to deliver a shipment to a nearby city, pick up another loaded truck or van, and drive it back to their home base the same day. These services may require use of electronic delivery tracking systems to track the whereabouts of the merchandise or packages. Light or delivery services truck drivers usually load or unload the merchandise at the customer’s place of business. They may have helpers if there are many deliveries to make during the day, or if the load requires heavy moving. Typically, before the driver arrives for work, material handlers load the trucks and arrange items for ease of delivery. Customers must sign receipts for goods and pay drivers the balance due on the merchandise if there is a cash-on-delivery arrangement. At the end of the day drivers turn in receipts, payments, records of deliveries made, and any reports on mechanical problems with their trucks.

Some local truck drivers have sales and customer service responsibilities. The primary responsibility of driver/sales workers, or route drivers, is to deliver and sell their firm’s products over established routes or within an established territory. They sell goods such as food products, including restaurant takeout items, or pick up and deliver items such as laundry. Their response to customer complaints and requests can make the difference between a large order and a lost customer. Route drivers may also take orders and collect payments.

The duties of driver/sales workers vary according to their industry, the policies of their employer, and the emphasis placed on their sales responsibility. Most have wholesale routes that deliver to businesses and stores, rather than to homes. For example, wholesale bakery driver/sales workers deliver and arrange bread, cakes, rolls, and other baked goods on display racks in grocery stores. They estimate how many of each item to stock by paying close attention to what is selling. They may recommend changes in a store’s order or encourage the manager to stock new bakery products. Laundries that rent linens, towels, work clothes, and other items employ driver/sales workers to visit businesses regularly to replace soiled laundry. Their duties also may include soliciting new customers along their sales route.

After completing their route, driver/sales workers place orders for their next deliveries based on product sales and customer requests.

Truck Driver Working Conditions

Truck driving has become less physically demanding because most trucks now have more comfortable seats, better ventilation, and improved, ergonomically designed cabs. Although these changes make the work environment less taxing, driving for many hours at a stretch, loading and unloading cargo, and making many deliveries can be tiring. Local truck drivers, unlike long-distance drivers, usually return home in the evening. Some self-employed long-distance truck drivers who own and operate their trucks spend most of the year away from home.

Design improvements in newer trucks have reduced stress and increased the efficiency of long-distance drivers. Many newer trucks are equipped with refrigerators, televisions, and bunks.

The U.S. Department of Transportation governs work hours and other working conditions of truck drivers engaged in interstate commerce. A long-distance driver may drive for 11 hours and work for up to 14 hours—including driving and non-driving duties—after having 10 hours off-duty. A driver may not drive after having worked for 60 hours in the past 7 days or 70 hours in the past 8 days unless they have taken at least 34 consecutive hours off-duty. Most drivers are required to document their time in a logbook. Many drivers, particularly on long runs, work close to the maximum time permitted because they typically are compensated according to the number of miles or hours they drive. Drivers on long runs face boredom, loneliness, and fatigue. Drivers often travel nights, holidays, and weekends to avoid traffic delays.

Local truck drivers frequently work 50 or more hours a week. Drivers who handle food for chain grocery stores, produce markets, or bakeries typically work long hours—starting late at night or early in the morning. Although most drivers have regular routes, some have different routes each day. Many local truck drivers, particularly driver/sales workers, load and unload their own trucks. This requires considerable lifting, carrying, and walking each day.

State and Federal regulations govern the qualifications and standards for truck drivers. All drivers must comply with Federal regulations and any State regulations that are in excess of those Federal requirements. Truck drivers must have a driver’s license issued by the State in which they live, and most employers require a clean driving record. Drivers of trucks designed to carry 26,000 pounds or more—including most tractor-trailers, as well as bigger straight trucks—must obtain a commercial driver’s license (CDL) from the State in which they live. All truck drivers who operate trucks transporting hazardous materials must obtain a CDL, regardless of truck size. In order to receive the hazardous materials endorsement a driver must be fingerprinted and submit to a criminal background check by the Transportation Security Administration. Federal regulations governing CDL administration allow for States to exempt farmers, emergency medical technicians, firefighters, some military drivers, and snow and ice removers from the need for a CDL at the State’s discretion. In many States a regular driver’s license is sufficient for driving light trucks and vans.

To qualify for a CDL an applicant must have a clean driving record, pass a written test on rules and regulations, and then demonstrate that they can operate a commercial truck safely. A national database permanently records all driving violations committed by those with a CDL. A State will check these records and deny a CDL to those who already have a license suspended or revoked in another State. Licensed drivers must accompany trainees until they get their own CDL. A person may not hold more than one license at a time and must surrender any other licenses when a CDL is issued. Information on how to apply for a CDL may be obtained from State motor vehicle administrations.

Many States allow those who are as young as 18 years old to drive trucks within their borders. To drive a commercial vehicle between States one must be 21 years of age, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation (U.S. DOT), which establishes minimum qualifications for truck drivers engaging in interstate commerce. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations—published by U.S. DOT—require drivers to be at least 21 years old and to pass a physical examination once every 2 years. The main physical requirements include good hearing, at least 20/40 vision with glasses or corrective lenses, and a 70-degree field of vision in each eye. Drivers may not be colorblind. Drivers must be able to hear a forced whisper in one ear at not less than 5 feet, with a hearing aid if needed. Drivers must have normal use of arms and legs and normal blood pressure. Drivers may not use any controlled substances, unless prescribed by a licensed physician. Persons with epilepsy or diabetes controlled by insulin are not permitted to be interstate truck drivers. Federal regulations also require employers to test their drivers for alcohol and drug use as a condition of employment, and require periodic random tests of the drivers while they are on duty. A driver must not have been convicted of a felony involving the use of a motor vehicle; a crime involving drugs; driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol; refusing to submit to an alcohol test required by a State or its implied consent laws or regulations; leaving the scene of a crime; or causing a fatality through negligent operation of a motor vehicle. All drivers must be able to read and speak English well enough to read road signs, prepare reports, and communicate with law enforcement officers and the public.

Many trucking operations have higher standards than those described here. Many firms require that drivers be at least 22 years old, be able to lift heavy objects, and have driven trucks for 3 to 5 years. Many prefer to hire high school graduates and require annual physical examinations. Companies have an economic incentive to hire less risky drivers, as good drivers use less fuel and cost less to insure.

Taking driver-training courses is a desirable method of preparing for truck driving jobs and for obtaining a CDL. High school courses in driver training and automotive mechanics also may be helpful. Many private and public vocational-technical schools offer tractor-trailer driver training programs. Students learn to maneuver large vehicles on crowded streets and in highway traffic. They also learn to inspect trucks and freight for compliance with regulations. Some programs provide only a limited amount of actual driving experience. Completion of a program does not guarantee a job. Those interested in attending a driving school should check with local trucking companies to make sure the school’s training is acceptable. Some States require prospective drivers to complete a training course in basic truck driving before being issued their CDL. The Professional Truck Driver Institute (PTDI), a nonprofit organization established by the trucking industry, manufacturers, and others, certifies driver training courses at truck driver training schools that meet industry standards and Federal Highway Administration guidelines for training tractor-trailer drivers.

Drivers must get along well with people because they often deal directly with customers. Employers seek driver/sales workers who speak well and have self-confidence, initiative, tact, and a neat appearance. Employers also look for responsible, self-motivated individuals who are able to work well with little supervision.

Training given to new drivers by employers is usually informal, and may consist of only a few hours of instruction from an experienced driver, sometimes on the new employee’s own time. New drivers may also ride with and observe experienced drivers before getting their own assignments. Drivers receive additional training to drive special types of trucks or handle hazardous materials. Some companies give 1 to 2 days of classroom instruction covering general duties, the operation and loading of a truck, company policies, and the preparation of delivery forms and company records. Driver/sales workers also receive training on the various types of products their company carries so that they can effectively answer questions about the products and more easily market them to their customers.

Although most new truck drivers are assigned to regular driving jobs immediately, some start as extra drivers—substituting for regular drivers who are ill or on vacation. Extra drivers receive a regular assignment when an opening occurs.

New drivers sometimes start on panel trucks or other small straight trucks. As they gain experience and show competent driving skills they may advance to larger, heavier trucks and finally to tractor-trailers.

The advancement of truck drivers generally is limited to driving runs that provide increased earnings, preferred schedules, or working conditions. Local truck drivers may advance to driving heavy or specialized trucks, or transfer to long-distance truck driving. Working for companies that also employ long-distance drivers is the best way to advance to these positions. Few truck drivers become dispatchers or managers.

Some long-distance truck drivers purchase trucks and go into business for themselves. Although some of these owner-operators are successful, others fail to cover expenses and go out of business. Owner-operators should have good business sense as well as truck driving experience. Courses in accounting, business, and business mathematics are helpful. Knowledge of truck mechanics can enable owner-operators to perform their own routine maintenance and minor repairs.

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Dame, 53916 Beaverdame, 53916 BEETOWN, 53802 BELDENVILLE, 54003 BELGIUM, 53004 BELLEVILLE, 53508 BELMONT, 53510 BELOIT, 53511 Belvidere, 48886 BENET LAKE, 53102 BENOIT, 54816 BENTON, 53803 BERLIN, 54923 BIG BEND, 53103 BIG FALLS, 54926 BIRCHWOOD, 54817 Birmingham, 54942 BIRNAMWOOD, 54414 biron, 54494 BLACK CREEK, 54106 BLACK EARTH, 53515 BLACK RIVER FAL, 54615 BLACK RIVER FALLS, 54615 BLACK RIVER FL, 54880 BLAIR, 54616 BLANCHARDVILLE, 53516 BLCK RVR FLS, 54615 BLENKER, 54415 BLOOMER, 54724 BLOOMINGTON, 53804 Blue Mound, 53517 BLUE MOUNDS, 53517 BLUE RIVER, 53518 BOARDMAN, 54017 BONDUEL, 54107 BOSCOBEL, 53805 BOULDER JUNCTION, 54512 BOWLER, 54416 BOYCEVILLE, 54725 BOYD, 54726 BRANCH, 54203 BRANDON, 53919 BRANTWOOD, 54513 Bridgeport, 0 BRIGGSVILLE, 53920 BRILL, 54818 BRILLION, 54110 BRISTOL, 53104 BRODHEAD, 53520 BROKAW, 54417 BROOKFIELD, 53005 BROOKLYN, 53521 BROWN DEER, 0 BROWNSVILLE, 53006 BROWNTOWN, 53522 BRUCE, 54819 BRULE, 54820 BRUSSELS, 54204 Bryan, 54418 BRYANT, 54418 BURLINGTON, 53105 BURNETT, 53922 BUTLER, 53007 BUTTE DES MORTS, 54927 BUTTERNUT, 54514 CABLE, 54821 CADOTT, 54727 CALEDONIA, 53108 CAMBELLSPORT, 53010 CAMBRIA, 53923 CAMBRIDGE, 53523 CAMERON, 54822 CAMP DOUGLAS, 54618 CAMP LAKE, 53109 CAMPBELLSPORT, 53010 CAROLINE, 54928 CAROLLTON, 53154 CASCADE, 53011 CASCO, 54205 CASHTON, 54619 CASSVILLE, 53806 CATARACT, 54620 CATAWBA, 54515 CAZENOVIA, 53924 CECIL, 54111 CEDAR GROVE, 53013 CEDARBURG, 53012 CENTURIA, 54824 CHASEBURG, 54621 CHEROKEE, 53704 CHETEK, 54728 CHILI, 54420 CHILTON, 53014 CHIPPEWA FALLS, 54729 CHIPPEWAH FALLS, 54729 CLAM LAKE, 54517 CLAYTON, 54004 CLEAR LAKE, 54005 CLEVELAND, 53015 CLINTON, 53525 CLINTONVILLE, 54929 CLYMAN, 53016 COBB, 53526 COCHRANE, 54622 COLBY, 54421 COLD SPRING, 54601 COLEMAN, 54112 COLFAX, 54730 COLGATE, 53017 Collingwood, 54829 COLLINS, 54207 COLOMA, 54930 COLUMBUS, 53925 COMBINED LOCKS, 54113 COMSTOCK, 54826 Connersville, 54734 CONOVER, 54519 CONRATH, 54731 COON VALLEY, 54623 cooperstown, 54208 CORNELL, 54732 CORNUCOPIA, 54827 COTTAGE GROVE, 53527 COUDERAY, 54828 CRANDON, 54520 CRIVITZ, 54114 CROSS PLAINS, 53528 CUBA CITY, 53807 CUDAHY, 53110 CUMBERLAND, 54829 Curtis, 54422 CURTISS, 54422 CUSHING, 54006 CUSTER, 54423 DALE, 54931 DALLAS, 54733 DALTON, 53926 DANBURY, 54830 DANE, 53529 DARIEN, 53114 DARLINGTON, 53530 DE FOREST, 53532 DE PERE, 54115 DE SOTO, 54624 DEER PARK, 54007 DEERBROOK, 54424 DEERFIELD, 53531 DELAFIELD, 53018 DELAVAN, 53115 DELLWOOD, 53927 DENMARK, 54208 DePere, 54952 DICKEYVILLE, 53808 DODGE, 54625 DODGEVILLE, 53533 DORCHESTER, 54425 DOUSMAN, 53118 DOWNING, 54734 DOWNSVILLE, 54735 DOYLESTOWN, 53928 DRESSER, 54009 DRUMMOND, 54832 DUNBAR, 54119 DURAND, 54736 E TROY, 53120 EAGLE, 53119 EAGLE RIVER, 54521 EAST ELLSWORTH, 54010 EAST TROY, 53120 EASTMAN, 54626 Eau, 54702 Eau Claire, 54702 Eau Clai, 54702 eau clair, 54702 EAU CLAIRE, 54701 EAU CLAIRE CH, 54703 EAU CLAIRE EA, 54701 EAU GALLE, 54737 EDEN, 53019 EDGAR, 54426 EDGERTON, 53534 EDGEWATER, 54834 EDMUND, 53535 EGG HARBOR, 54209 ELAND, 54427 ELCHO, 54428 ELDERON, 54429 ELDORADO, 54932 ELEVA, 54738 ELK MOUND, 54739 ELKHART LAKE, 53020 ELKHORN, 53121 ELLISON BAY, 54210 ELLSWORTH, 54011 ELM GROVE, 53122 ELMWOOD, 54740 ELROY, 53929 ELTON, 54430 EMBARRASS, 54933 EMERALD, 54012 ENDEAVOR, 53930 EPHRAIM, 54211 ESMOND, 54701 ETTRICK, 54627 EUREKA, 54934 EVANSVILLE, 53536 EXELAND, 54835 FAIRCHILD, 54741 FAIRWATER, 53931 FALL CREEK, 54742 FALL RIVER, 53932 Falls River, 54022 farmignton, 53094 FENCE, 54120 FENNIMORE, 53809 FERRYVILLE, 54628 FIFIELD, 54524 FINLEY, 54646 FISH CREEK, 54212 FITCHBURG, 0 FLORENCE, 54121 FON DU LAC, 53022 FOND DU LAC, 54935 FOND DU LAC WI, 54937 FONTANA, 53125 FOOTVILLE, 53537 Forest, 0 FOREST JUNCTION, 54123 FOREST VIEW, 54915 FORESTVILLE, 54213 FORT ATKINSON, 53538 Fort Mc Coy, 54656 Fort Mccoy, 0 FOUNTAIN CITY, 54629 FOX LAKE, 53933 FOXBORO, 54836 FRANCIS CREEK, 54214 FRANKLIN, 53132 FRANKSVILLE, 53126 FREDERIC, 54837 FREDONIA, 53021 FREEDOM, 54131 FREMONT, 54940 FRIENDSHIP, 53934 FRIESLAND, 53935 FT MCCOY, 0 GALESVILLE, 54630 GALLOWAY, 54432 Galloway ct, 54751 GAYS MILLS, 54631 GENESEE DEPOT, 53127 GENOA, 54632 GENOA CITY, 53128 Georgetown, 54353 GERMANTOWN, 53022 GILE, 54525 Gilette, 54124 GILLETT, 54124 GILMAN, 54433 GILMANTON, 54743 GLEASON, 54435 GLEN FLORA, 54526 GLEN HAVEN, 53810 GLENBEULAH, 53023 GLENDALE, 53209 GLENWOOD CITY, 54013 GLIDDEN, 54527 GOODMAN, 54125 GORDON, 54838 GOTHAM, 53540 GRAFTON, 53024 GRAND CHUTE, 54914 GRAND MARSH, 53936 GRAND VIEW, 54839 Grantburg, 54840 GRANTON, 54436 GRANTSBURG, 54840 GRATIOT, 53541 GREEN BAY, 54301 GREEN LAKE, 54941 Green Leaf, 54126 GREEN VALLEY, 54127 Greenbay, 54650 GREENBUSH, 53026 GREENDALE, 53129 GREENFIELD, 53220 GREENLEAF, 54126 GREENVILLE, 54942 GREENWOOD, 54437 GRESHAM, 54128 Hager City, 54014 HAGER CITY, 54014 HALES CORNERS, 53130 HAMMOND, 54015 HANCOCK, 54943 HANNIBAL, 54439 HANOVER, 53542 Harrison Township, 54952 Harrison Twp, 54952 HARSHAW, 54529 HARTFORD, 53027 HARTLAND, 53029 HATLEY, 54440 HAUGEN, 54841 Haven, 0 HAWKINS, 54530 HAWTHORNE, 54842 HAYWARD, 54843 HAZEL GREEN, 53811 HAZELHURST, 54531 HEAFFORD JUNCTION, 54532 HELENVILLE, 53137 HERBSTER, 54844 HERTEL, 54845 HEWITT, 54441 HIGH BRIDGE, 54846 HIGHLAND, 53543 HILBERT, 54129 HILLPOINT, 53937 HILLSBORO, 54634 HILLSDALE, 54744 HINGHAM, 53031 HIXTON, 54635 HOLCOMBE, 54745 HOLLANDALE, 53544 HOLMEN, 54636 HOME VALLEY, 54639 HONEY CREEK, 53138 Horican, 53032 HORICON, 53032 HORTONVILLE, 54944 HOULTON, 54082 Howard, 54313 HOWARDS GROVE, 53083 HUBERTUS, 53033 HUDSON, 54016 HUMBIRD, 54746 HURLEY, 54534 HUSTISFORD, 53034 HUSTLER, 54637 INDEPENDENCE, 54747 IOLA, 54945 IRMA, 54442 IRON BELT, 54536 Iron Mtn, 82009 IRON RIDGE, 53035 IRON RIVER, 54847 IXONIA, 53036 JACKSON, 53037 JANESVILLE, 53545 Jeauno, 53039 JEFFERSON, 53549 JIM FALLS, 54748 JOHNSON CREEK, 53038 Joslin, 54457 JUDA, 53550 JUMP RIVER, 54434 JUNCTION CITY, 54443 JUNEAU, 53039 KANSASVILLE, 53139 KAUKAUNA, 54130 KELLNERSVILLE, 54215 KEMPSTER, 54444 KENDALL, 54638 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53148 MADISON, 53701 MAIDEN ROCK, 54750 MALONE, 53049 MANAWA, 54949 MANITOWISH, 54545 MANITOWISH WATERS, 54545 MANITOWOC, 54220 Mansfield, 0 MAPLE, 54854 MAPLEWOOD, 54226 MARATHON, 54448 Marathon City, 0 MARENGO, 54855 MARIBEL, 54227 MARINETTE, 54143 MARION, 54950 MARKESAN, 53946 MARQUETTE, 53947 MARSHALL, 53559 MARSHFIELD, 54404 MASON, 54856 MATHER, 54641 MATTOON, 54450 Matville, 0 MAUSTON, 53948 MAYVILLE, 53050 MAZOMANIE, 53560 MC FARLAND, 53558 MC NAUGHTON, 54543 Mccoy, 54656 McDermott, 53178 mcfarland, 0 MCINTOSH, 53965 MEDFORD, 54451 MEDINA, 54951 MELLEN, 54546 MELROSE, 54642 MENASHA, 54952 MENOMONEE, 53051 MENOMONEE FALL, 0 MENOMONEE FALLS, 53051 MENOMONEE FLS, 0 MENOMONIE, 54751 MEQUON, 53097 MERCER, 54547 MERRILL, 54452 MERRILLAN, 54754 MERRIMAC, 53561 MERTON, 53056 Middleburg, 54106 MIDDLETON, 53562 MIKANA, 54857 MILLADORE, 54454 Millard, 53121 Millard ct, 53536 MILLSTON, 54643 MILLTOWN, 54858 MILTON, 53563 MILWAUKEE, 53201 MINDORO, 54644 MINERAL POINT, 53565 MINOCQUA, 54548 MINONG, 54859 MISHICOT, 54228 MONDOVI, 54755 Monona, 53716 MONROE, 53566 MONTELLO, 53949 MONTFORT, 53569 MONTICELLO, 53570 MONTREAL, 54550 Montrose, 53508 MORRISONVILLE, 53571 MOSINEE, 54455 MOUNT CALVARY, 53057 MOUNT HOPE, 53816 MOUNT HOREB, 53572 MOUNT STERLING, 54645 MOUNTAIN, 54149 Mt Horeb, 53572 Mt Pleasant, 53406 MUKWONAGO, 53149 Murry, 54835 MUSCODA, 53573 MUSKEGO, 53150 NASHOTAH, 53058 NECEDAH, 54646 NEENAH, 54956 NEILLSVILLE, 54456 NEKOOSA, 54457 NELSON, 54756 NELSONVILLE, 54458 NEOPIT, 54150 NEOSHO, 53059 NESHKORO, 54960 NEW AUBURN, 54757 NEW BERLIN, 53146 NEW FRANKEN, 54229 NEW FRANKLIN, 0 NEW GLARUS, 53574 NEW HOLSTEIN, 53061 NEW LISBON, 53950 NEW LONDON, 54961 NEW MUNSTER, 53152 NEW RICHMOND, 54017 NEWBURG, 53060 NEWTON, 53063 NIAGARA, 54151 NICHOLS, 54152 NORTH FREEDOM, 53951 NORTH LAKE, 53064 NORTH PRAIRIE, 53153 NORWALK, 54648 OAK CREEK, 53154 OAK GROVE, 53039 OAKDALE, 54649 OAKFIELD, 53065 OAKLAND, 53538 OCONOMOWOC, 53066 OCONTO, 54153 OCONTO FALLS, 54154 ODANAH, 54861 OGDENSBURG, 54962 OGEMA, 54459 OJIBWA, 54862 OKAUCHEE, 53069 OMRO, 54963 ONALASKA, 54650 ONEIDA, 54155 ONTARIO, 54651 OOSTBURG, 53070 OREGON, 53575 ORFORDVILLE, 53576 OSCEOLA, 54020 OSHKOSH, 54901 OSSEO, 54758 OWEN, 54460 OXFORD, 53952 PACKWAUKEE, 53953 PALMYRA, 53156 PARDEEVILLE, 53954 PARK FALLS, 54552 PATCH GROVE, 53817 PEARSON, 54462 PELICAN LAKE, 54463 PELL LAKE, 53157 PEMBINE, 54156 PEPIN, 54759 PESHTIGO, 54157 Pewauke, 53072 PEWAUKEE, 53072 PHELPS, 54554 PHILLIPS, 54555 PHLOX, 54464 PICKEREL, 54465 PICKETT, 54964 PIGEON FALLS, 54760 PINE BLUFF, 53528 PINE RIVER, 54965 PITTSVILLE, 54466 PLAIN, 53577 PLAINFIELD, 54966 Plainville, 22839 Plattesburg, 54409 PLATTEVILL, 53818 PLATTEVILLE, 53818 PLEASANT PR, 53158 PLEASANT PRAIE, 0 PLEASANT PRAIR, 0 PLEASANT PRAIRI, 53158 PLEASANT PRAIRIE, 53158 PLOVER, 54467 PLUM CITY, 54761 PLYMOUTH, 53073 Polar, 54418 POPLAR, 54864 PORT EDWARDS, 54469 PORT WASHINGTO, 0 PORT WASHINGTON, 53074 PORT WING, 54865 PORTAGE, 53901 PORTERFIELD, 54159 POTOSI, 53820 POTTER, 54160 POUND, 54161 POWERS LAKE, 53159 POY SIPPI, 54967 poynett, 53995 POYNETTE, 53955 PRAIRIE DU CHI, 53821 PRAIRIE DU CHIE, 53821 PRAIRIE DU CHIEN, 53821 PRAIRIE DU SAC, 53578 PRAIRIE DUE CHI, 0 PRAIRIE FARM, 54762 PrairieDuChien, 0 PRENTICE, 54556 PRESCOTT, 54021 PRESQUE ISLE, 54557 PRINCETON, 54968 PULASKI, 54162 RACINE, 53401 RADISSON, 54867 RANDOLPH, 53956 RANDOM LAKE, 53075 READFIELD, 54969 READSTOWN, 54652 REDGRANITE, 54970 REEDSBURG, 53958 REEDSVILLE, 54230 REESEVILLE, 53579 REWEY, 53580 Rhineland, 54501 RHINELANDER, 54501 RIB LAKE, 54470 RICE LAKE, 54868 RICHFIELD, 53076 RICHLAND CENTE, 53581 RICHLAND CENTER, 0 Richwood, 53098 Ridge, 53035 RIDGELAND, 54763 RIDGEWAY, 53582 RINGLE, 54471 RIO, 53960 RIPON, 54971 RIVER FALLS, 54022 ROBERT, 54023 ROBERTS, 54023 ROCHESTER, 53167 ROCK FALLS, 54764 ROCK SPRINGS, 53961 ROCKLAND, 54653 ROME, 715 ROSEDALE, 54974 ROSENDALE, 54974 ROSHOLT, 54473 ROTHSCHILD, 54474 ROXBURY, 53186 ROYALTON, 54975 RUBICON, 53078 RUDOLPH, 54475 SAINT CLOUD, 53079 Saint Croix, 54024 SAINT CROIX FA, 54024 SAINT CROIX FALLS, 54024 SAINT FRANCIS, 53235 SAINT GERMAIN, 54558 SAINT NAZIANZ, 54232 SALEM, 53168 SAND CREEK, 54765 SARONA, 54870 SAUK CITY, 53583 SAUK CTR, 53583 Saukeville, 53080 SAUKVILLE, 53080 SAXEVILLE, 54976 SAXON, 54559 SAYNER, 54560 SCANDINAVIA, 54977 SCHOFIELD, 54476 Selfridge, 54656 SENECA, 54654 SEXTONVILLE, 53584 SEYMOUR, 54165 SHARON, 53585 SHAWANO, 54166 SHAWNO, 54166 SHEBOYGAN, 53081 SHEBOYGAN FALL, 0 SHEBOYGAN FALLS, 53085 SHEBOYGAN FLS, 53085 SHELDON, 54766 SHELL LAKE, 54871 SHERWOOD, 54169 SHIOCTON, 54170 SHULLSBURG, 53586 SILVER LAKE, 53170 SINSINAWA, 53824 SIREN, 54872 SISTER BAY, 54234 SLINGER, 53086 SOBIESKI, 54171 SOLDIERS GROVE, 54655 SOLON SPRINGS, 54873 SOMERS, 53171 SOMERSET, 54025 South Milwauke, 0 SOUTH MILWAUKEE, 53172 SOUTH RANGE, 54874 SOUTH WAYNE, 53587 SOUTHSIDE, 54028 SPARTA, 54656 SPENCER, 54479 SPOONER, 54801 SPRING GREEN, 53588 SPRING LAKE, 54982 SPRING VALLEY, 54767 SPRINGBROOK, 54875 SPRINGFIELD, 53176 St Cloud, 53079 St Croix Falls, 54024 St Croix Fls, 0 ST FRANCIS, 53235 ST JOHN, 54129 STANLEY, 54768 STAR LAKE, 54561 STAR PRAIRIE, 54026 STAUGHTON, 0 STERLING, 54645 STETSONVILLE, 54480 STEUBEN, 54657 STEVENS POINT, 54481 STITZER, 53825 STOCKBRIDGE, 53088 STOCKHOLM, 54769 STODDARD, 54658 STONE LAKE, 54876 STOUGHTON, 53589 STRATFORD, 54484 STRUM, 54770 STURGEON BAY, 54235 STURTEVANT, 53177 SUAMICO, 54173 SUGAR CREEK, 53121 SULLIVAN, 53178 SUMMIT LAKE, 54485 SUN PRAIRIE, 53590 SUPERIOR, 54880 SURING, 54174 SUSSEX, 53089 Swiss, 54830 TAYLOR, 54659 THERESA, 53091 THIENSVILLE, 53092 Thornton, 54166 THORP, 54771 THREE LAKES, 54562 THUNDER BAY, 53188 THUNDER BAY, 53188 TIGERTON, 54486 TILLEDA, 54978 TISCH MILLS, 54240 TOMAH, 54660 TOMAHAWK, 54487 TONY, 54563 TOWNSEND, 54175 TREGO, 54888 TREMPEALEAU, 54661 TRENTON, 53095 TREVOR, 53179 TRIPOLI, 54564 Troy, 53120 TUNNEL CITY, 54662 TURTLE LAKE, 54889 TWIN LAKES, 53181 TWO RIVERS, 54241 UNION CENTER, 53962 UNION CTR, 53968 UNION GROVE, 53182 UNITY, 54488 UPSON, 54565 VALDERS, 54245 VALLEY VIEW, 53713 VAN DYNE, 54979 VERONA, 53593 VESPER, 54489 VIOLA, 54664 VIROQUA, 54665 W Allis, 53214 W BEND, 53090 W Millard st, 53946 W Milwaukee, 53214 W SALEM, 54669 WABENO, 54566 WALDO, 53093 WALES, 53183 WALKERVILLE, 0 WALWORTH, 53184 WARREN, 54666 WARRENS, 54666 Wasau, 54401 WASCOTT, 54890 WASHBURN, 54891 WASHINGTON ISL, 54246 WASHINGTON ISLAND, 54246 WATERFORD, 53185 WATERLOO, 53594 WATERTOWN, 53094 WAUKAU, 54980 WAUKESHA, 53186 WAUMANDEE, 54622 WAUNAKEE, 53597 WAUPACA, 54981 WAUPUN, 53963 Wausa, 54402 WAUSAU, 54401 WAUSAUKEE, 54177 WAUTOMA, 54982 WAUWATOSA, 53213 WAUZEKA, 53826 Wayne, 53587 WEBSTER, 54893 West Allis, 0 WEST BEND, 53095 WEST SALEM, 54669 WESTBORO, 54490 WESTBY, 54667 WESTFIELD, 53964 WESTON, 54476 WEYAUWEGA, 54983 WEYERHAEUSER, 54895 WHEELER, 54772 WHITE LAKE, 54491 WHITEHALL, 54773 WHITELAW, 54247 WHITEWATER, 53190 WILD ROSE, 54984 Wildrose, 0 WILLARD, 54493 WILLIAMS BAY, 53191 WILMOT, 53192 WILSON, 54027 WILTON, 54670 WINCHESTER, 22601 WINDSOR, 53598 Winfield, 53095 WINNEBAGO, 54985 WINNECONNE, 54986 Winona, 0 WINTER, 54896 Wisc Rapids, 54495 WISCONISIN RAPIDS, 54494 WISCONSIN DELL, 53965 WISCONSIN DELLS, 53965 WISCONSIN RAPI, 0 WISCONSIN RAPID, 0 WISCONSIN RAPIDS, 54494 Wisconsin Rpds, 54494 WITHEE, 54498 WITTENBERG, 54499 WONEWOC, 53968 WOODFORD, 53599 WOODLAND, 53099 WOODMAN, 53827 WOODRUFF, 54568 WOODVILLE, 54028 WOODWORTH, 53194 WRIGHTSTOWN, 54180 WYOCENA, 53969 ZACHOW, 54182 ZENDA, 53195